Meet Our Team

Clarke, Founder


Founder / Employers Advocate / Outsourcing Boss

About Clarke

Hey, Clarke here and here is a little about me. I am married with three children. I live in Scotland in the UK, and I am a director of several companies in the UK and one in Spain. I am also Outsourcing Boss on YouTube. I also work from home, just like all my staff.

I founded in 2022; however, the journey to get to this stage has been a long time in the making. I have been building websites and services since the mid-'90s and have been online before websites even existed; wow, I am that old LOL 😉

This latest venture draws on my outsourcing skills, having employed staff from several countries since the very start of my Internet career. The country I have had the most success with has been the Philippines, and while plenty of platforms exist to hire staff from the Philippines, there have always been elements missing that could make the whole process much better for employers around the world. As the Philippines have a lot of people who speak English and are highly educated, it makes it a great place to seek online staff for jobs you need to do but can be done virtually.

To make successful, I felt it was essential to have Filipinos as part of the management team. The founding management team are Mo, Isabel, Jethro and Marlon; read a bit about them and the rest of the team below.

Jethro, Designer


Designer / Workers Advocate / Virtual Pinoy

About Jethro

Hello, I'm Jethro, a husband, a father, a full-time graphic designer, a part-time content creator of Virtual Pinoy, and an management team member.

I began working online when I was 17 years old. Working from home allows me to escape from getting up early in the morning, the hassles of commuting, and spending bucks on Starbucks :)

I also make tutorial videos and tips to encourage and guide individuals into the world of online jobs and my main work of graphic design. Working from home, in my opinion, is the best option for not only working but also spending more time with your family.

Anthony, Lead Developer


Lead Developer

About Anthony

Hi, my name is Anthony Jerome and I have been working as a Website/Software Developer for over 5 years. I have always had a passion for problem-solving, whether it be math problems, puzzles, or anything else. This passion led me to pursue a career in information technology.

When I’m not working, I enjoy an active lifestyle. Although I used to prefer indoor hobbies, I now love to travel with my wife or siblings, whether by car, motorcycle, or bike.

Isabel, Account Manager


Account Manager / Administration

About Isabel

My name Is Isabel, and I am from Dumaguete City in the Visayas area. I am a little bit of everything. I am an account manager and content editor, so I help create content for this site.

Family is vital to my existence, so I have very close ties with mine. I am a big hedonist rather than an adrenaline junkie. I like massages, drinking cocktails, and reading books on the beach. I also love discovering new coffee shops and cake-hunting. The closest adrenaline-fueled activity I do is driving at 80 with hip-hop music from the 2000s.

Marlon, Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager / Designer

About Marlon

Hello! My name is Marlon, a Bisayan graphic designer from Davao City. I mostly do marketing and design stuff here. I like long walks at the beach. Sike! My body consists of potatoes and blue light radiation I get from playing video games.

Kidding aside, I love learning stuff. I have learned most of what I know from YouTube and the Internet, such as playing the guitar, building my PC, and even graphic designing. I believe that if you have the hunger to gain knowledge, you will be able to develop your skills and most likely be used to earn a living.

Carena, Backend Developer


Backend Developer

About Carena

Hello, I’m Carena, and I am from Dumaguete City. I am a Backend Programmer at

I love going around for walks. It's a great way to zone out, relax and get in some exercises at the same time. I am not an adrenaline junkie kinda person. I am scared of heights, and I am not a good swimmer, but I love the beach so much. I am in front of my computer most of the time, working rather than doing extreme adventures.

Gi, Front End Developer


Front End Developer

About Gi

Hi, I'm Gi from Cavite. I love cycling and working as a Front-end dev here, maintaining, optimizing, and improving websites.

I have never been into sports and wouldn't call myself an active person. Since I graduated senior high, I have worked from home and would spend almost all my free time indoors. And found out that cycling is a great way to enjoy nature and tour from place to place.

Leanne, Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager / Administration

About Leanne

Hi, my name is Leanne. A happily married mom of one from Antipolo Rizal, a music enthusiast, and a neat freak. I say no to clutter! I love organizing stuff, and I express myself best through writing.

I have always been a stay-at-home kind of gal, so I love working home-based. I work as a Social Media Manager, and I also do administrative work. Creating an online media presence through organic growth is what I do here.

My little family has always been my inspiration to strive for the best, and I'm just glad that I have been given the opportunity to work and do what I love while also being a hands-on mom and wife.

Jane, Customer Support


Social Media / Customer Support

About Jane

Hello, I'm Jane, a social worker who has combined my knowledge with the digital realm, focusing on social media and customer support. Guiding and supporting others is not just my job; it's my passion. I find fulfilment in helping others while embracing the digital world.

Beyond work, I'm an adventure enthusiast. I can't help but be drawn to nature, whether it's the excitement of hiking up rugged trails, breathing in the fresh mountain air, or simply enjoying the serenity of a sunset by the shore. These peaceful moments fuel my spirit and motivate me to make a difference in both the virtual and real worlds.

John, Video Editor


Video Editor

About John

Hi! I'm John Michael. I live in the Durian capital of the Philippines, Davao City.

I am skilled in many multimedia applications, but editing video is my thing.

I like watching random videos on YouTube, and did I mention I love playing games? I know; I'm a very active person, lol