Is Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant Jobs Your Ideal Niche

Finding Your Ideal Niche as a Virtual Assistant: Bookkeeping

Do you belong in the bookkeeping niche?

You’ll almost certainly need to adjust your clients, the way you arrange your services, or perhaps your specialty in general if you focus too much on one and too little on the other.

While it’s wonderful (and crucial) to enjoy what you do, it’s also crucial that you can turn a profit. After you’ve paid yourself and all of your expenses, your operation should actually make a profit, not simply a livable income.

You probably enjoy working with numbers if you’re considering bookkeeping virtual assistant jobs as a possible area of specialization. And that you’re absolutely unaffected by the fact that occasionally, when it comes time to reconcile finances, you’ll spend hours looking for a missing twenty cents.

Naturally, when it comes to statistics, you must have some common sense and self-assurance. It will benefit you and your clients greatly to be able to identify potential problem areas or errors.

Additionally, you’ll need to have faith in your ability to operate any of the numerous accounting software programs currently available on the market, like Quickbooks, Xero, and Sage Accounting, to name a few.

Services & Jobs a Bookkeeper Can Handle

Depending on what your consumers require in bookkeeping services, these services can differ substantially. Additionally, you can discover that you’re executing various duties at various periods of the year. Here are a few illustrations:

  • putting in the payables and the receivables.
  • reconciling your bank statements each month.
  • reporting and submitting sales tax.
  • creating year-end reports with assistance.
  • aiding with financial statement interpretation.
  • managing past-due accounts.

How To Attract Prospective Clients

There are other potential sub-niches available in online bookkeeping that you might find interesting. You could decide to specialize in working with a certain kind of client or business in addition to the services on the aforementioned list.

You may decide, for instance, to concentrate on fitness centers and personal trainers. Or perhaps you’d rather collaborate with doctors or internet business owners. There are several alternatives and a lot of freedom available.

There are obviously many sources in addition to several client kinds. On LinkedIn, you may look for people in your target market, or you could join a neighborhood business networking organization.

Choosing Your Prices

Choosing Your Prices

Remember that you may gradually increase your rates as your experience and reputation increase, just like in any other Virtual Assistant sector. After a few years, your average rate can rise to $60 from $30 per hour when you first start.

There is no requirement that you charge per the hour either. If you wanted to, you could easily choose to design a monthly package.

Beginning with Your First Steps

If you’re unsure about where to begin or what to do next in order to offer bookkeeping services, take into account the following two scenarios:

1. As a bookkeeper, you’ve already gained some experience.

Maybe you’ve been an employee for the past five years, or maybe you’ve been handling the finances for your family business.

In either case, you are confident that with a little business planning and training, your freelance bookkeeping firm will be up and running in no time. You have a solid understanding of what it means to be a bookkeeper.

2. You’re certain that bookkeeping is the perfect career for you.

You can be brand-new to bookkeeping or have some prior experience. You can succeed with just a little training in your chosen field.

If this description fits you, an online course about bookkeeping may be exactly what you need.

You have the option to develop your business as big as you want or keep it small by only managing a few clients at once, just like in any other Virtual Assistant sector. All you have to do is select what you want from our company, then work to make it a reality.

Is Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant Jobs Your Ideal Niche