Top 10 Free Resume-Building Tools

Top 10 Free Resume-Building Tools

Only 30% of resumes are accepted by applicant tracking systems, according to GetFive (ATS). A hiring manager will only give each resume an average viewing time of six seconds after it has been accepted.

You can create a customized professional resume using a resume builder that will pass the applicant tracking system, grab the hiring manager’s attention, and help you get the next job interview.

When constructing a resume, resume generators come in quite handy and can enable you to highlight your distinctive personality. Here is a list of the top free resume generators

1. Indeed

The procedure of creating an Indeed CV is really quick. The website’s ability to instantly share your CV with employers on Indeed is its best feature. It’s still a good idea to publish your resume to the website if you’ve already written it to reach out to possible employers. Indeed is a strong choice if you want to make a more conventional resume and start sharing it right away, despite the fact that it undoubtedly doesn’t provide as many choices for creativity as some of the other solutions on this list.

2. Canva

You can think about using one of Canva’s many free designer templates if you’re applying for a creative position or want a resume that really makes you stand out. You will without a doubt discover a template you like among Canva’s selections, and adding resume parts is as simple as copying and pasting. It is also made simpler to choose a design based on your preferred industry thanks to the templates’ division into categories like “Graphic Design,” “Corporate,” and “Creative.”

3. Zety

The cutting-edge templates offered by Zety make it a top online resume maker. Starting again and entering your data is quick and easy. The site’s ability to guide you through the procedure is our favorite part of this service. All you have to do is complete the form, and presto! You have a résumé. Although this tool is free, creating an internet account is required.


You can create an eye-catching resume in just a few minutes using This tool is a great choice if you want suggestions for what to put in your resume. For you to stand out from the competitors, the website also offers well-liked templates for a variety of job categories.

5. MyPerfectResume

If you already have a resume, you may upload it to My Perfect Resume or start from scratch and fill up a blank template. As you proceed through the process, the application will also offer you professional advice, such as suggested language for certain professions.

6. Resume Genius

Unquestionably one of the simplest and fastest free resume tools available is Resume Genius. The program guides you (quickly) through each component of your resume, such as schooling, employment experience, and references, using a clear and simple to use interface. Resume Genius gives you quick and simple fill-in-the-blank parts so you may have a beautiful, comprehensive resume in no time.

Resume Building Tools

7. VisualCV

It’s really simple to use the VisualCV website. You can locate anything you need, and the design is straightforward. The resume builder is simple, and the UI is also user-friendly. Either create a brand-new résumé or import an already written one.

You may easily modify, add, and reorder sections, and customization is very simple. Additionally, you can incorporate a YouTube video in addition to adding tables, links, and bullet points.

8. Resume Now

With the revolutionary resume builder Resume Now, you can create a resume that looks professional and will help you land the job of your dreams. The website makes the process of creating resumes that are unique to each job you apply for easier by providing effective tools, educational materials, and professional guidance.

9. Resume-Builder

Resume Builder is another platform where you can find easy ways to create your professional resume for free. 30-plus reputable resume templates to choose from, simple and user-friendly.

10. Google Docs

It is a common tool for writing resumes, and Google Docs is a part of the free Google Workspace. You can either use one of the five templates offered by Google Docs, download, or buy a template from another website, or make your resume from scratch without using any templates at all.

What is the Top Resume Builder?

Your needs will determine which resume builder is best for you.

We advocate choosing a builder that offers recommendations and suggestions if you want a tool that walks you through the process of writing a resume. We suggest a tool that extracts data from LinkedIn if you prefer a resume builder that generates resumes automatically. Using a tool with customization options is advised if you value having creative freedom while creating your resume.

Select a resume builder that suits your demands, your industry, and your personal style, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting hiring managers’ attention.

Top 10 Free Resume-Building Tools