Get Hired with a Personal Website

Why Do You Need A Personal Website

We tell you how to get hired with a personal website and stand out from the crowd. Creating and maintaining a personal website is simple. But creating a website that highlights you and your professional accomplishments can be a little intimidating. Your prospects of getting recruited could be made or broken by what your personal website says about you.

Despite the fact that it could be unsettling to share personal information online, do it nonetheless. A personal website is an essential piece of your professional jigsaw. You can post your contact details and resume on your personal website, which also improves your online visibility.

Therefore, if you don’t already have a personal website, this is a good moment to start one. As a professional, your unique website offers extra advantages you might not have even thought about

Provides a Snapshot of Your Persona

Your employment experience is well-described in your resume. It doesn’t do a fantastic job of revealing your personality. A personal website boosts your personality while exhibiting your professional skills, which is a win-win situation.

Manifests Your Serious Approach to Your Work

A recent poll revealed that a personal website was the personal branding strategy that impressed recruiters the most. It sends the message to others that you value your career enough to put time and money into it. For hiring managers who are always looking for the best and the brightest, this speaks volumes.

Allows You to Manage Your Online Footprint

In the current digital era, the question of whether a recruiter will google you is irrelevant; what matters is what they find out. When you have your own personal website, you may decide what shows in Google searches. You may distinguish yourself from the competition by having a reliable online presence (in the most positive way possible).

Therefore, whether you want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, are considering a career change, or are actively seeking for a new job, you shouldn’t undervalue the potential of a personal website in helping you to achieve your professional goals.

Manage Your Online Footprint

Domain and Hosting

Every website requires hosting and a domain name in order to get online. Your domain name, which is, is the website’s actual address.

Your website “lives” online thanks to hosting. Consider your host to be the owner of your website. Your hosting company will charge you a tiny monthly “rent” in order to keep your personal website online.

Selecting the Domain Name for Your Own Website

It’s now time to choose a domain name. Take your time with this. Your name should be your first option: Your name might already be taken if you have a common name. Check to see if your name is available. Enter it here in the domain name checker:

If your name is already taken, don’t become upset. Your middle initial may be added. Additionally, you may include a word that describes what you do. or, for instance.

Just try to keep things as straightforward as you can. Additionally, be sure to include the professional name you use on your resume! This is excellent for search engine optimization (SEO) and enhances the likelihood that employers will see your personal website when they google you.

Get Hired with a Personal Website