Top Work From Home Careers

Top Work From Home Careers (Part Time and Full Time)

You may find plenty of advertisements for work-from-home tasks that Anybody can accomplish if you visit Facebook, YouTube, or But is it really that simple to discover full- or part-time careers that you can perform from your home office?

And how in the world can you differentiate a scam from a legitimate online job?

Here is a list of reputable, tested online jobs so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Online Jobs for Part-Time

The jobs listed below are ideal if you’re seeking for a side business you can conduct in your free time.

These positions are excellent for students, parents who stay at home, and anyone who isn’t quite ready to leave their day job.

To be clear, you can choose to work full-time at the majority of these positions as well. However, if you don’t have much free time, they can easily fit into your busy schedule and serve as a reliable source of extra earnings.

1. Product Tester

Rate: ₱500 -₱1,000 an hour

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training or experience is necessary.

Career Profile: Businesses want to know how effectively a product functions and where it can be improved before they launch it. So, they work with firms that pay individuals to test their products and give reviews.

Here is where you step in.

You will receive offers on products you can test and review after registering with a product testing company. If you agree, they will send you the goods and instructions outlining what you are expected to accomplish.

They typically ask you to complete a survey or offer additional input after you test the product. They will either give you the item in return, or they will reimburse you in cash or gift certificates.

Although you probably won’t earn enough as a product tester to leave your day job, it’s a simple side gig that can help you supplement your income.

2. Blogger

Rate: Rate: ₱50 per subscriber per month

Experience and education qualifications: There is no need for a formal education, but you should be knowledgeable and experienced in your subject.

Career Profile: Blogging can be for you if you love to write and are enthusiastic about a particular subject.

Running a blog is essentially running a website about a particular subject. Bloggers produce written and visual content for their audiences that amuses, educates, and benefits them.

There are numerous ways for bloggers to make money, including:

  • The development and marketing of online courses that instruct people a skill
  • The provision of services such as coaching or freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing (profit-sharing sales of other people’s goods)
  • Advertising

However, blogging is not a quick way to get rich. Most blogs take a year or longer to start making money. Therefore, before you commit, be certain that you are prepared to remain with it for the long term.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

Rate: Rate: ₱25,000 – ₱60,000 a month

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training is necessary. A background in Facebook advertising is required (but can be learned)

Career Profile: The majority of businesses are aware that Facebook advertising is an excellent approach to get leads and consumers. However, they are unsure of how to design effective advertising efforts and are reluctant to waste money.

You will build and manage Facebook Ad campaigns for these businesses as a Facebook Advertising Manager. Your task is to efficiently generate leads and sales for them.

You’ll design landing pages, targeting strategies, pictures, and ad language. After that, analyze the data to determine how to make your adverts better. In order to show your clients where their money is going and why it is in their best interest to keep paying you, you will also produce monthly reports.

Customers will pay you a monthly retainer to design, oversee, and improve their advertising efforts. Clients often pay Facebook Ad Managers between $1000 and $2,000 each month (plus the cost of the ads). Others get paid a percentage of the revenue or leads that their advertisements produce. Depending on your skill level, either one could be financially rewarding.

Ad campaigns typically require a lot of work when they are first created, but can be managed in just a few hours every day. Depending on how many clients you take on, the job can be managed either part- or full-time.

4. PPC Specialist

Rate: Rate: ₱50,000 -₱100,000 a month

Experience and education qualifications: No professional training is necessary. Experience in developing PPC ads is required (but can be learned)

Career Profile: PPC (pay-per-click) specialists design and oversee search engine advertising programs on behalf of other companies.

Businesses are aware of the value of PPC Ads but are unable to take use of them, much like with Facebook Ads.

You will get a monthly advertising budget from clients to use for their marketing initiatives. In search engines like Google and Bing, you’ll choose the keywords to target, and you’ll develop ads that draw customers to your clients.

When producing and running advertising, a significant amount of work is required ahead. But after that, managing the monitoring of advertising campaigns will only take a few hours every day.

You’ll be required to provide monthly reports at the end of each month to show the success of your advertising initiatives and convince clients that hiring you is a good investment.

You may earn more money by taking on additional clients. You can accept as many clients as your workload and financial requirements demand.

5. Transcriptionist

Rate: Rate: ₱400 -₱1,000 an hour

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training is necessary. You would need to register in a certificate program in transcribing.

Career Profile: Many individuals would rather read a written form of content than watch a video or listen to audio (aka a transcript). A transcriptionist can help with that.

You will turn an audio or video file into a transcript while working as a transcriptionist. They’ll either pay you a set amount for each transcript or an hourly rate.

There are many different types of transcriptionists, including general, legal, and medical ones. Each kind has certain characteristics and demands. Some (like the legal and medical fields) demand specialized education and licensing in order to be eligible for positions.

Depending on how much work your schedule will allow, transcription may be managed either part- or full-time.

Online Jobs for Full-Time

Consider one of the following careers if you’re over your day job and want to launch a new, full-time career working from home.

Anyone who is prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to make these occupations successful will enjoy doing them. They also have the capacity to develop into much more than just a side business.

Numerous of these positions may be managed part-time. However, in order to execute them well, you’ll need to put in more time than you would for the aforementioned part-time jobs.

Drop shipper

6. Drop shipper

Rate: 15% – 45% of items sold

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training is necessary. You would need to register in a certificate program in transcribing.

Career Profile: With the drop shipping business concept, you may offer things to clients online without having to buy any inventory.

It works like this: a consumer buys something from your online store; you send the order to a supplier, and the supplier sends the item to the customer using your brand name.

You purchase things from the provider at a discounted rate. After deducting shipping and marketing expenses, you mark up the product prices and sell the goods for a profit.

In order to begin drop shipping, you must:

  1. Decide whatever item you wish to offer in your shop.
  2. Find a trustworthy vendor to get your orders from.
  3. Create your online store, either on your own website or a well-known online marketplace like Amazon.
  4. Use advertisements and other marketing strategies to draw clients.
  5. Due to its flexibility, drop shipping is a fantastic online business concept. It may be run either part- or full-time. The majority of the effort is completed upfront when you begin your advertising campaigns and set up your business. The majority of the job may then be completed in a few of days or hours.

7. Social Media Manager

Rate: Rate: ₱500 -₱1,000 an hour

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training is necessary.

Career Profile: You presumably use social media sites for a significant chunk of your day. If so, you might want to think about getting compensated for it.

A social media manager looks after their clients’ social media profiles (usually businesses).

Among other things, this job requires you to develop a social media strategy, provide written and graphic material for social media postings, interact with and answer followers’ comments, serve as a customer support representative, and produce monthly reports to demonstrate to customers your progress.

There are two ways social media managers get compensated:

  1. You get a monthly fee from clients to manage their accounts.
  2. You get an hourly fee from clients for doing particular social media duties.

Your earnings are influenced by your compensation structure and the volume of clients you take on.

It takes a lot of work to manage social media accounts effectively and get results. You can take on fewer clients and restrict the range of your services to handle the work part-time. Or you may take on several accounts and make it your full-time job, earning a good living.

8. Graphic Designer

Rate: Rate: ₱500 -₱1,500 an hour

Experience and education qualifications: There is no need for training or prior expertise. It is necessary to understand graphic design principles and best practices.

Career Profile: Consider beginning an online graphic design job if you have a creative flair and an eye for an attractive design.

For clients, you’ll produce visuals as a graphic designer. It is your responsibility to ascertain the message and target audience that your customer wants to convey. Then, employ symbols, colors, fonts, and pictures to build designs that fulfill the client’s needs.

For the creation of logos, business cards, brochures, social media pictures, ads, and more, graphic designers are employed.

Business owners, website owners, bloggers, and marketers are just a few of the many people who need graphic designers. These customers will either pay you an hourly rate or a flat rate for each project. The more skills and experience you have, the higher your rate will be.

9. Rank and Rent Niche Websites

Rate: Rate: ₱50,000 -₱100,000 per month

Experience and education qualifications: There is no need for training or prior expertise. Understanding SEO is essential.

Career Profile: To construct a website in a narrow niche, develop it until it achieves a certain position in search engine results, and then rent the website and the leads it generates to nearby businesses.

Most local companies lack the resources (time, money, and knowledge) necessary to create a website that effectively generates leads for their industry. Additionally, employing an SEO specialist may be quite costly. Many neighborhood companies would be eager to rent your website from you for a fair fee if you can design one that ranks for specialized keywords.

Choose a specialized area of a lucrative business like plumbing or electrical work first. Create high-quality content that ranks for those keywords after developing a website on that topic using niche-related keywords.

Once the website is ranked, you have three options for monetizing it: renting it out for a monthly charge, selling leads, or selling the website itself.

Niche website ranking and rental revenue are excellent sources of passive income. This online position can be a good fit for you if you have experience with SEO or are eager to learn.

Course Creator

Rate: Rate: ₱500 -₱100,000 for each sale (depends on the course price)

Experience and education qualifications: No formal training is necessary.

You’ll require experience in the field covered by your course.

Career Profile: Online courses that are designed to teach individuals what they know are created and sold by course creators. The course is then advertised via content, advertisements, and other marketing techniques.

You will receive payment for each course you sell as a course creator. Either through your own website or a marketplace for online courses like Udemy, you may offer courses. If you conduct your own business, you keep all the profits (minus expenses). You keep between 75% and 97% of course sales if you sell on Udemy.

Select a position online, then start working!

Every position mentioned in this article has a solid history of hiring remote employees. Many people have used these career paths to achieve success online and create a comfortable living.

Top Work From Home Careers