Work from Home Setup in the Philippines

7 Tips for an Effective Work-From Home Set Up

Whether you work best in a colorful environment or prefer a minimalist arrangement, renovating your workplace might instil newfound enthusiasm to get things done.

Although there are countless ways to make your space work for you, here are ten key concepts to consider if you’re planning a renovation.

7 Tips for an Effective Work From Home Set Up in the Philippines

1. Make Your Space Unique

Before we get into designing the room, we need to figure out where you’ll be setting up your home office. If you don’t need a lot of space, try setting up business in the living room instead of your bedroom.

Making advantage of the space behind your sofa, a forgotten corner in your home, or an empty corridor might be the ideal location for your new home office.

The size and dimensions you’re working with will always affect how you fit your office space into your house. The idea is to find a good balance between a hidden area and a busy living room.

Reminders: Choose an isolated nook over a location behind the sofa if people in your household visit your home during the day. If the television is on, you may find yourself diverted rather than engaged.

2. Maintain A Modest Workstation

A cluttered mind might make it difficult to complete tasks. A crowded workplace is no different.

If your office is littered with pens, devices, and old coffee cups, it’s time to channel your inner Marie Kondo (renowned decluttering expert) and reorganize your belongings. A minimalistic environment with simple furniture and a neutral color palette will allow your mind to think and be creative.

Consider adding open shelving, box shelves, or purchasing a storage container that you can stow neatly on the side or beneath your desk to free up room. These storage choices might assist you in decluttering and organizing your belongings. Important documents should be kept in the first drawer, excess tech supplies should be kept on one of the box shelves, and personal items such as figurines, certificates, and plants should be kept on open shelves.

Glass jars for writing utensils, sticky notes, and paper clips are examples of other organized items. Installing permanent built-in storage in your work area is another option. This comprises wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, and drawers.

If it does not fit the budget, office storage from Shopee and Lazada can suffice. Filing cabinets and bins are inexpensive, and the more of your job you do online, the less storage you’ll need.

3. Adding Plants Are A Nice Touch

A workstation should not only be practical but also appealing to the eye. Before you finish the job, add a few plants to the area.

Working with a few green companions might help you focus, feel calmer, and breathe more easily. Plants purify the air around you, which is just one of the numerous advantages of incorporating some greenery into your workstation.

Plants do not have to be seated right on your table (although you can). Buy a hanging planter or just place the plant on a shelf near your desk if you need to save space. Investing in a large standing plant, if you have a green thumb, may really bring the area to life.

The more you personalize your working space, the more time you’ll want to work there. It’s entirely up to you!

4. Let The Light In!

Consider putting your home office setting near a window, in addition to having some green in your room. Allowing light in during the day might help you engage with nature and encourage you to take a breather and go for a little stroll when you’re feeling down.

Ambient light can make even the tiniest areas appear larger. Plus, if you have a lot of plants around you, the extra vitamin D will be much appreciated by them. You feel more refreshed and ready to work when the sun shines on your skin.

5. Seek Space-Saving Solutions

Find a space-saving desk to free up some space. When not in use, these desks may be folded back into themselves to save space.

They can also serve many functions. Have all your shelf space, workstation space, and work tools in one convenient location.

6. Choose An Ergonomic Chair

When it comes to seats, if you’ll be spending the most of your day at your desk, it’s a good idea to invest in a nice one. A chair that is ergonomically right is well worth the money. To improve comfort and productivity, consider adding a posture cushion or additional lumbar support to your chair.

7. Cable Management

A tangled mass of cables below or even on your desk brings no pleasure to anyone. When it comes to how and where you’ll set up your home office, cable management is crucial. It’s a little more difficult to run wires neatly toward an outlet if your desk is in the middle of the room.

The first thing you should consider is the location of your outlet. Location is crucial in this case. You can extend an extension cord across the room, but this is definitely not the greatest solution for long-term office use. The simplest approach to hide any unsightly wires is to place your workstation near an outlet (or numerous outlets if possible).

Some desks include cable-hiding components, which route all wires via one central hole. Keep this in mind when shopping for a new desk and search for desks with a ledge beneath for the wires to rest on. Other possibilities include items designed particularly to address this issue.

Other cable management ideas involve installing adhesive hooks on your desk’s legs to thread your cords through, a metal basket at the rear of your desk, or zip-tying all of your lines together.

Work from Home Setup in the Philippines
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