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Here are the details of the 100% money-back guarantee at

If you are looking at this page, thinking you want to get your money back, what did we do wrong? Don't you love us!

It's ok, don't worry, we are not going to talk you into using something you're not happy with, but could you do us a massive favour? When you contact us to request a refund that we will happily process, can you tell us what we could have done better, what it was that you didn't like?

Money-back Guarantee

Here is how the refund process works. Within 30 days of being charged your last charge (or first if it's a brand-new account), contact us, tell us your reason, and give us a chance to sort it. If we can't, then you get your money back. You can still have your money back; we will not fight you over it if you don't want to sort it.

Valid reasons for asking for your money back.

  • You couldn't find a member of staff via our service. We encourage everyone to use a free account to check the profiles already on the system and advertise the job they have to offer at no cost to you. This way, you can use the system before paying any money, but it's ok; we will refund your last payment if that's what you want.
  • You forgot to cancel your account after the first month, fair enough, and we will happily refund your last payment, note that we will only refund the last payment as it was your responsibility to cancel the account.
  • If you upgraded from a free account to a paid account and then changed your mind, we will refund that payment if you let us know within 30 days.
  • You signed up for an account, told your boss about it, and then he signed up for an account, but your company only needs one account. Don't worry; we have you covered; we all know your boss will blame you for their mistake, but it's cool, let us know in 30 days, and we will send your money back to you.
  • You live in the UK or EU, and you're exercising your 14 days distant selling right to money back as a personal user; business users don't have this consumer right. But the good news for you, we give everyone personal or business users 30 days to request your money back.

Non-valid reasons for asking for your money back.

  • You used our service to hire someone, and you're just trying your luck to ask for your money back; don't be that person.
  • You have used the money-back guarantee before. This will be your second time; sorry, but no dice, once per customer only.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Clarke Duncan

Founder - Idea

Don't hesitate to contact us using this form inside the employer customer area. Please tell us why you want your money back, give us a chance to sort it out, and if you are not happy with what we offer to do to sort it out, say so, and we will refund your money, easy!