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How Do I Know These Jobs are Real?

Employers pay us a small fee to recruit staff. As part of their verification process, they need to link their Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles with us. When you apply for a job and are picked for the interview stage, we show you this information and any relevant details about the person or company offering the job.

No, it’s entirely free for a worker from the Philippines to join our site, apply for jobs and post their Résumé/CV online to get employment. The Employer pays a small fee to us directly to view and hire staff.

The Employer will pay you directly. is an employment platform. We do not take anything from your pay packet. The rates you agree with your Employer are what they should pay you.

Usually, this will be every two weeks or once a month. However, we recommend to the Employer that they pay you weekly to start with. Please check the terms of any job offer and make sure you are happy with how the Employer plans to pay you.

Employers will typically pay you directly to your bank account in Philippine Peso. Some may wish to pay you via PayPal. A minimal number of employers can pay you via PayMaya or GCash. The job you’re applying for will typically display what payment method the Employer can offer. Often, it can be several ways.

Usually, you would be working from your home. However, some employers will be ok with you working from an Internet café or any place you can get online. Most are happy that you will be doing the job and do not care where you work from.

Yes, you will need a computer or laptop. It’s not possible to do many tasks on a tablet or mobile phone effectively.

This is not a problem for many jobs, such as designers/developers; however, you do need to have a basic level of English as most of the communication will be done in English. If you’re looking for a writing job or a virtual assistant job, then you will need a good level of English. Many of our clients will be from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as this is where we do most of the advertising for new clients. We recommend that if your job involves a lot of writing, you get Microsoft Word and Grammarly and set them to the English of the country your Employer is from.

You don’t need any formal qualifications for many jobs. We have a designer on our team who left education after high school. Equally, you can’t apply for jobs as a lawyer if you’re not one. Some employers will set minimum qualifications to apply for the job, but this is not typical as most are looking for experience or the ability to do the job. It’s up to you to show them your up for the job.

You will need to be 18 or over to apply for jobs on There is no upper limit on age.