How to Get Paid to Do Simple Tasks Online

How to Get Paid to Do Simple Tasks Online

1. Promote Businesses to New Clients

Companies like banks, lenders, and e-wallet providers reward their customers with monetary incentives when they refer friends and family to use their services or purchase goods.

You can receive a commission (in the form of cash or an electronic gift certificate) through the customer referral programs of these companies for each new customer you send their way. Because you are being compensated to promote a firm, making recommendations is comparable to affiliate marketing in this regard.

Signing up for an account is all it takes to participate in a referral program. You’ll then get a special referral code or link that you may share with your contacts via email, social media posts, online chat, or text messaging.

You will earn cash in the form of a commission of between Php 50 and Php 500 when someone uses your code or clicks on your link.

Philippines referral schemes from GCash, PayMaya, Citibank, Security Bank, and are just a few examples.

2. Web, Mobile, and Software Testing

Businesses learn what people think of their websites, mobile applications, or software products so they may correct issues and enhance user experience (UX). You can earn money by carrying out UX tests at home while serving these clients.

No technological expertise is necessary for the online position. In addition to other factors, testers assess the usability, content, and design of customers’ websites as well as other digital products.

Your responsibility as a usability tester is to use a test website, app, or piece of software as you would in daily life and to give honest comments.

As you complete a series of tasks on the website or app, you speak aloud your opinions. For instance, if you’re testing an online store, you might be required to search through the product selection, choose a specific item, add it to your basket, and then complete the checkout process.

Your webcam on your mobile device records your in-person remarks and responses, as well as your screen. You might have to complete a survey to take some tests.

Each UX test lasts 10 to 20 minutes and pays between $5 and $60. (roughly Php 250 to Php 3,000). The average cost each test is US$ 10 (Php 500).

Start by looking for openings for web usability testing on websites that welcome Filipino testers. Here are a few examples:

English language proficiency, a laptop with a working webcam, microphone, and internet connection, as well as an Android or Apple smartphone for taking mobile app tests, are requirements for these online platforms for UX testing jobs. Before taking the actual tests, participants must pass a practice test.

3. Join Trivia Contests Online

Looking to engage in something purely recreationally while making money from it? If you excel at trivia, consider participating in live game shows for the chance to split a daily cash reward of Php 10,000 with other winners.

An Internet-connected smartphone is all you need to get started. Live streaming applications like Kumu provide online trivia quiz programs. Live quiz shows are often shown on Shopee Philippines. Instead of receiving cash awards, victors get virtual coins to use as payment for purchases on the e-commerce site.

Get Paid to do Simple Tasks Online

4. Get Paid to do Simple Tasks Online

Work on small projects, straightforward online chores called “micro-jobs” can be finished quickly and for which you will be compensated. Short tasks are smaller assignments that are similar to those performed by freelancers, such as virtual assistants, with the exception that you aren’t working on complete projects.

Examples of small projects that freelancers can provide online include the following:

  • three-minute video editing
  • writing an article of 500 words
  • creating a logo
  • constructing a homepage
  • Making a 10-minute video into text
  • Text from PDF to Word conversion
  • Image tagging or classification

Small jobs pay somewhere between a few cents and a few bucks each, which isn’t bad considering how simple and quick the labor is. You can complete as many microtasks as you can in a day if you have a lot of spare time and want to make more money.

Micro gigs are the perfect side business for entrepreneurs and full-time workers with little spare time for extra work. Students and stay-at-home parents can also make money online through these online occupations.

Are you capable of performing minor jobs for cash? 199Jobs, Fiverr, MicroWorkers, and ySense are some websites where you can find micro-jobs. Along with a description of what you can do and your fees, you can also advertise your services on those micro gig networks.

5. Live-stream your Skills and Interests

Live streaming is more than simply a way to show the world your talent. Some live streamers generate income by amusing a web audience.

You can live stream so many different things, as long as they are healthy and safe, like singing, playing an instrument, dancing, stand-up comedy, and other talents.

You don’t think you’re talented? Instead, you may broadcast your activities live. Play video games, make something to bake or cook, follow instructions, or consume a lot of food! Or just talk to your admirers and share your fascinating stories.

Live streamers can make up to Php 20,000 per month, mostly from virtual tips and presents that viewers give them that can be exchanged for cash. Because they have other revenue sources like affiliate sales, ad placements, and brand sponsorships, game streamers’ earnings have the potential to increase.

Use live-streaming apps like Chums Live, BIGO Live, and Kumu to start your career as a streamer.

Players may stream live broadcasts on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Nimo TV.

How to Get Paid to Do Simple Tasks Online
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